TechOps Design Strategy

Multimedia design and outreach for USC Annenberg School of Communication. 



As the multimedia designer for USC Annenberg's Technical Operations department, I oversaw all forms of communication between faculty, students, and visitors. In order to convey important messages about the school, I designed infographics, email campaigns, twitter posts, digital signage, flyers, training manuals, and more. My work was broken up into two main categories: inward communication to staff members and outward communication to professors, students, and visitors. 


My Role

Through my work at USC Annenberg, I focus on design strategygraphic design, and infographics

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.



inward communication 

When targeting staff members at USC Annenberg, my main goal was to support the team and ensure they are able to complete their jobs as effectively as possible. I helped implement new training materials, including a 250 page handbook, video training, booklets, and summary briefs, to better inform staff members of their responsibilities. To ensure proper communication with stakeholders, I designed email campaigns and informational flyers to update the progress of high-profile projects. 


outward communication 

I designed email campaigns to inform students of important services, such as building closures, hours of operation, and policies, and announcements for the upcoming year. As USC students get overwhelmed with dozens of emails a day, it was essential that my emails were pertinent and direct.

In addition to emails, students and faculty are kept informed of time-sensitive information through our Twitter accounts.