A re-designed smart parking meter.




Abacus is a re-designed parking meter meant to be more user-friendly, for both drivers and police officers. Accompanying our product concept, we developed a cohesive brand identity, physical prototype, and a companion smartphone app. 


My Role

I oversaw ideation, developed our brand identity and executive summary, and helped prototype

Team: Ben Stanfield, Brianna Doyle, Justin Bishop, and Amanda Curtis.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.




We began prototyping our physical model by sketching out different iterations of our smart parking meter.We then crafted a small-scale model using paper and tape. Our final prototype consisted of two core elements: the screen, created using laser-engraved acrylic and spray paint, and the main body, made with cardboard, featuring the logo engraved at the bottom.  



Brand identity 

To build out our branding, we focused on logo design, color schemes, taglines, and typography. To see a detailed look into our branding process, read our process book here