Parkour's Edge

Parkour's Edge

A 3D platformer game coded in C++.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 4.16.13 PM.png


My goal when developing this game was to both teach myself new coding skills and better understand how design plays into narrative. This game was built in C++ using SDL. Though there is no story in Parkour's Edge, I carefully selected colors and design elements that would emulate a specific feeling in the players, reminiscent of dark purple galaxies and worn space ships. 


My Role

In this independent project, I focused on game designcoding, and troubleshooting

Tools used: Xcode. 

Languages: C++.



Visual Design

I wanted to expand on the vaporwave influences I explored in my Retro Video Game Artwork project through the design of the different game elements. For the color palette, I chose to use vibrant pinks and purples to highlight the geometric shapes of the game’s terrain. The lines blend into the dark shading of the tiles, adding age to the material.

color palette.png


While developing this game, I focused on primarily on experimenting with new coding techniques. Specifically, I explored the use of checkpoints and pathfinding in levels. The arrow at the top of the screen points towards the next checkpoint the player needs to reach. Checkpoints serve as respawn locations and provide relevant instructions to the player.