Subterfuge (Card Game)


A card game designed to explore methods of interpersonal communication.




Subterfuge is a card game I developed while studying in Brighton, England. The purpose of this game is to engage people through story-telling in a way that results in unique conversations each time played. Depending on the group, the game can be serious and thought-provoking or a light-hearted comedic relief. Sometimes the best strategy to win is to tell the truth, while other times the only way to win is to trick the other players.


My Role

This was an independent project where I focused on user researchideation, prototyping, and game development

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop. 



User research

My design process consisted of iterative prototyping. For two months, I constantly wrote and doodled in my process journal, exploring endless possibilities with this game. Throughout the development process, I conducted numerous user testings with different groups and sizes in order to pick out the best aspects of the game play. After going through rigorous testing and experimentation, I finally solidified the gameplay and began to focus on brand development for the project.


Brand Identity

The design of the cards is inspired by pop-art and comic book design. The crossed finger design is meant to represent someone crossing their fingers behind their back, alluding the trickery used in game play.